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About Us...

We suffer with Anxiety and Depression. We have 4 children and 2 of those are also being treated for anxiety and depression, we also have close family and friends that are suffering with it too.

The awareness we want to create is even greater now that we are watching our own children suffer with something that they don't understand very well. We want to share the benefits of getting help others get the help and support they need without the judgement.

We started Bronson and Beau to give us something to focus on, something other than the strains and stresses that everyday life can bring. We do this to help ourselves so in turn it will help others.

A portion of every single sale will be donated to BeyondBlue from YOU via Bronson & Beau (click here to view our donation page).

We want to encourage people to talk about it, get kids talking about it. We want people to relate to what we say and what we see and what we feel.

Help us help them stand up again and be happy in their own skin. We have used the BeyondBlue website many times. Some of our story and journey is in our blog.

Get on board with Bronson & Beau and make the world smile again.